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03 November 2009


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You really have been putting the posts out as of late, I shall have to visit much more regularly. I do like your use of photos with your posts and they compliment your well written scribes to a tee (not sure if I spelt that right).

The procession looks like it had a big turn out and the ladies all look smartly dressed in their traditional Thai wear(what exactly are those skirts called).

I'll look forward to your market post and perhaps photos of the younger ladies in more modern attire. Best wishes.


Thanks for visiting, Martyn, and for your comments. I hope the next post lives up to your idea of what the local ladies should look like.
Your spelling is as accurate as a hole in one!
The skirt is called a 'patung' in Thai, but here it is known as a 'sinh' (the h is to prevent unnecessary puns). 'Pasinh' is only used for the cloth its made of. They are worn a lot here, formally and informally.

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