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19 November 2009


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Lawrence I don't normally play video from blog posts but I gave this one a go and really enjoyed it. The lady is a passionate singer. The men handing her notes are they requests for songs or donations of money.

The chap on the left was a little static, he would fit perfectly into the back four of the England football team. With hand movements like that and Ronaldo's stepover the two of them would confuse the hell out of each other.

Another question...what is the wooden piped instrument called, I've seen them before and have come close to buying the smaller version of them. I do like the sounds they make although there must be quite an art and ear to achieving it.


Hi Martyn. The instrument is called a khaen, very much a Lao instrument. Even apart from tiddly ones to go in tourists luggage, they come in lots of differnt sizes. A bit like saxophones. I'm not musically leterate but I understand that the noise they make is similar to bagpipes. Similar wind instruments so I suppose that reasonable. I like the little one that you turn around to vary the notes, too. Both made of bamboo pipes. And yes, that was money being passed over, by a drunk who spent a lot that evening trying to impress the women young & old. Failed miserably, of course, because he just went on getting more & more drunk.
Maybe Thierry Henry got some ideas from watching this dancer?
Thanks for giving the video clip a go. Glad you enjoyed it.


Thierry Henry....I slipped up there, I should of thought of that. I think on my next trip at Christmas I will have to buy a small khaen and strike a massive 'blow' for England on New Years Eve to silence the bagpipes the world over.


Thank you for the wonderful (and clear video). I really do need to get out to the countryside to see different Thai celebrations.

And thank you also for the name of the instrument: khaen. I shipped in a reed instrument to strengthen my lungs (Bangkok air isn't so hot for asthmatics), but I could have looked around Thailand instead. And I might just still.


Hello again, Cat

glad you enjoyed the video. You might like n earlier one (Young mor lam in Phana) too.

I wasn't asthmatic until I came to Bangkok. I'm fine in Exeter!

Lots of musical events here. I hope to blog about two school bands before too long. Both play traditional Lao folk-type music and instruments. So if you could make it to Phana sometime we could put on a show for you ...

Now I'm off to your site because Martyn has alerted me to a music post. See you.

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