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30 November 2009


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Lawrence some superb photographs and interesting background to these events.

I too need a chair after a while!


Oh, come on, Mike. You're a young man, I've seen your profile photo.

Thanks for the comment, though. I appreciate your reading me regularly.


First I must say I like the new site layout, very crisp and sharp, it sets off the photos very well.

Thanks for another great insight into Thai village life and the more traditional ways of it. This post shows the belief that the Thais place in Buddhism because the 'do' must have cost a couple of baht.

Red ants...the buggers, I'm usually sat somewhere when all of a sudden I can feel a slight stinging on my toes. Like you they always seem to head for me.


Thanks very much Martyn, glad you like the new design. Actually I thought I was just experimenting but it appeared published so I more or less had to keep it. (I'm often not sure what I'm doing as far as these things go.)But now I like it too.

Yes, these do's cost a bit, but we all contributed, and everyone had a slap up lunch. And people don't go gallivanting off to foreign places every year, not from Phana they don't. Well, I do, come to think of it.


Lawrence I really do like the header (the top bit). I have the same problems myself as far as tweaking goes, my site often has teething problems and the pain can be quite horrendous. Keep up the 'village life' education program you are running, I'm learning something new everytime I visit and for me that's a good thing.

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