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16 October 2009


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Lawrence-great post. I have an itinerant brush seller who calls about every 3 months. We always buy a brush.

He has this fantastic but old three wheeler cycle. We usually have a photo call too.

Actually your man is on a good wage by Thai standards if he has a good day.

My trouble with shoes is size (9) which are often not in stock.


Thanks, Mike. Size 9, well I guess you aren't Cinderella. Our man had just 2 sizes for men and 2 for women.

The best group we had was abunch of opticians walking around in the sun wearing suits and ties. They had all their gear in little briefcases. They cleaned my glasses (I tried not to feel insulted) and tightened the screws. All they got from us was cold water but they sure needeed it.


Last month whilst on holiday in Thailand I got to our village house in Udon Thani after spending five days in Kanchanaburi and realised I'd left my sandals (flip flops) 700 km or so behind. They were well worn but comfortable and I liked their style, one tan and the other dark brown. I eventually bought another pair in Nong Khai after a lot of looking around. I'm a little particular about what I put on my feet, fashion wise that is. Even now I'd swap my new black number for that old worn pair. I just hope the Kanchanaburi guesthouse owner buried them deep and laid a single rose on top. Best wishes from England. Roll on Christmas and my return to the Land of Smiles.


Thanks for your comment, Martyn. Sorry about your flip flops. It reminds me that when I first came to Thailand I rented a room in Thonburi. There were 3 Thai guys in the house and they were really into fashionable footwear. They each had 6 or 7 pairs. I had one pair, very old & worn. We left them all in the entrance hall. One night somebody broke in and stole all the shoes. But mine could be seen in the garden -- they had been thrown away by the thief. I had to wear them to a shoeshop to buy 3 pairs of flip flops so the others could go out & buy themselves some proper shoes.


I have seen similar Thai flip flop sellers in the village but unfortunately for me farang have too big feet for Thai flip flop.

Great read.

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